Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut, 371 Fairfield Way Unit 4157, Storrs, CT USA 06269-4157



osc-osd is the Ohio Supercomputer Center OSD implementation whose maintenance has since been taken over by Panasas at This fork includes SNSL modifications to support unimplemented commands, multithreading, and active storage .


pcap2ds is a tool that converts tshark pcap traces to HP's DataSeries format. Also includes a ds2xml tool that converts DataSeries to a readable XML format.


pvfs2fuse is a patch to PVFS to add a FUSE interface to the PVFS file system. Using FUSE opens up PVFS to many more clients including MacOS and BSD.


dTrace is a lightweight disk tracing tool which captures all requests on a particular disk from any file system. The tool works with IDE disks only.


SFUSE is a series of modifications to FUSE to allow stackable filesystems in user space.
Currently all work is based on Linux kernel 2.6.24 (link)

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